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When it comes to founding stories, Changing Lives is up there in terms of being so college.

It was a Thursday night - wing night, to be exact - at Orleans in Davis Square when a group of friends came up with the premise for a campaign to help the homeless.

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Both members of this husband-wife team are local angel investors.

Chang, as you may have seen earlier this week, just became the executive chairman at Feeltr and is known to have previously led previously Pay Pal's Boston office.

I’m a firm believer that everyone should still enjoy treats from time to…

This chilled bean salad recipe is perfect for a backyard BBQ on a hot day or for a simple protein-packed lunch!

The truth is that our bodies are working overtime every day to process all of the…

"Vani Hari is a crusader for truth in what we eat and drink.We still have notes we scribbled during that initial four-person meeting, which included each of our respective managers.Over the next 19 years, our professional paths have run in parallel and we've advised on each others’ efforts, although we haven’t really worked directly on a project together until very recently.Not only is this Tabbouleh full of flavor and delicious, but it is filled with ingredients that help to detox your body!If you’ve heard that “detoxing is a myth”, then you have to read this post where I share the science behind detoxing.“We wanted to take the video and turn it, reverse it for social food,” Peri told me.

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